Debbie Nicholson - This Lady is the BEST!

Bob Sheppard , 30 Dec 2013

David, good morning to you.
I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas with your family and I also hope that you make many sales in 2014 and the year is full of health and happiness.
At the changeover of the Pines Motel in Armidale, I spoke to you about the manner in which Debbie Nicholson handled all aspects of the sale, both before and after.
Over many years of buying a selling property, my wife and I have come in contact with many agents, some good and some bad.
I will say to you that this lady is the best I have come into contact with.

Her attention to detail, her super quick responses to emails and telephone calls were nothing short of outstanding.

Debbie was so helpful with us as well as the outgoing owner, that the sale, we feel, went as smoothly as any sale can go.  Our solicitor, Chris OBrien at Coffs Harbour commented many times that it was one of the smoothest sales he has handled and I have no doubt whatsoever that a lot of that had to do with Debbie.
David, I do not want to go overboard about my comments but fair dinkum, Debbie was very, very good.

In years to come when we sell, or buy again, if Debbie is doing what she does now, she will be my first point of call.

I would be appreciative if she could be told of my comments, also my comments told to whoever they should be told to at your hear office.
Sincerely David, it was a pleasure dealing with your company.

My kindest regards
Bob Sheppard