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Buying a motel, caravan park, hotel, pub or backpackers need not be complicated, but the pitfalls are many if you’re not properly advised.
Using an inexperienced advisor will often result in nothing but a waste of time and money and even more seriously an avoidable bad investment. It is vital that you engage industry specialists and get the right advice.
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Tourism Brokers are proud to say that all our sales staff own or have owned and operated Motels, Caravan Parks or Hotels/Pubs and have a thorough knowledge of the industry. We are constantly in touch with Motel, Hotel, Pub and Caravan Park owners and operators and are well abreast of industry operations. The broker is the linchpin in the transaction. It is their understanding of the industry and knowledge of the properties you are looking at that provides the vital link in the sales process. Let us know what you are looking for and one of our specialist sales executives will get right to work finding the perfect property for you!

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