04 Dec 2015

Open and Honest

"... Our early searches were along the east coast then a business associate made a wise statement "Coast for show, inland for dough". After lots of late night discussions, we decided to put the emotion away and look at the return. After all, this was a business decision. Research showed Dubbo as a booming rural city. We contacted Mike Phipps Finance Brokers to be sure what our finances would allow and then contacted David Head from Tourism Brokers and outlined our requirements - Had to be more than 20 rooms (otherwise the balance of staff / you doing all the work gets tricky), had to be in Dubbo or surrounds, had to have good access for guests to have optimum experiences, preferably B&B, although restaurant was not out of the question, we wanted to purchase and settle before Christmas (this was September!) and of course, needed to be in our price range.

David was heading o/s so Michael Philpott took over the search and arranged a group of inspections that fitted the bill. We inspected everything put forward with an open mind. Michael spent hours following us around, participating in discussions and stepping away when appropriate. He was open and honest and we felt confident in his professionalism.

We met with city council personal, the tourism info staff and as many local as we could to get to a 'feel for the place'. Our experience everywhere we went in the area was positive, so with Michael as our guide and negotiator, he steered us through the process and on 30 November 2015 we became the proud leaseholders of the Shearing Shed Motor Inn Dubbo. Guess that means it's the kids turn for the road trips.."

Anne and Trevor
December 2015

Anne and Trevor