14 Sep 2015

With heartfelt gratitude for Tony Johnston

With heartfelt gratitude for Tony Johnston

Finally we are settled!!!  I just wanted to write with a HUGE thank you.  It's been one heck of a journey and I honestly don't think it would have happened if not for Tony.

We met Tony in Hervey Bay when we listed our property, Santalina, with him and several other Agents.  We did eventually take it off the market - it really wasn't a good time to be selling, but as Tony was the only agent who had actually done any work other than just listing it on the internet, he was the only choice when we decided to sell Dolphin Waters.

He found a buyer for the property fairly quickly - a time of rejoicing, and settlement was set for April 2015.  All the Due Diligence went through fine, until just before settlement, when the buyers lawyers discovered that an Extension Agreement hadn't been signed.  Everyone was in agreement that is was an oversight - someone in the Body Corporate office had a human moment.  It happens.  And the plan was to get the document signed and then ratified at an EGM. 

So we were at stalemate.  The buyers wanted to buy.  We wanted to sell.  Our lawyers and the buyers' lawyers were both on the same page too.  If Tony hadn't jumped back into the fray at that time our banks would have foreclosed due to lack of security.  Everything we have worked for would have been lost. 

Tony, independently consulted another lawyer and subsequently found a way around the stalemate.  He spoke with us, with the buyers, with all the lawyers involved, with the Body Corporate and brokered an agreement which, although not the best terms for anyone, was workable for everyone. 

Throughout all this Tony kept the buyers' spirits up; helped them keep focus on the ultimate goal - buying Dolphin Waters; arranged several changes in purchase price commensurate with the various happenings and generally kept the ball rolling.

There were a few hiccups before Settlement was finally able to go ahead, but I just wanted to say that we found Tony to be an amazing Agent who has gone over and above any expected level of service.  Without his work in bringing this sale to a good conclusion we would be in a disastrous position.  Mal and I would not hesitate, at any time, in recommending Tony with the highest possible gratitude and praise.

With best wishes


Sue & Mal